Do Worms Come Out of Raw Pork If You Pour Coke on It?

Pouring Coke on raw pork does not make worms crawl out of the meat. The stories of worms crawling out of raw pork when Coke is poured on the meat is a hoax that circulated around Internet through emails. This email hoax has gained some traction when videos appeared that purportedly show proof of this "phenomenon."

Many have dismissed the so-called "raw pork plus coke equals maggots" as mere hoaxes. Some believe that religious traditions, as well as existing misconceptions, have contributed to the proliferation of the hoax.

Some religious traditions portray pigs as being filthy and unclean animals, and that their meat is contaminated by worms. There is a disease called trichinellosis that is caused by consuming raw or undercooked meat that is contaminated with the larvae of the Trichinella worm. However, contracting trichinosis from pork has become relatively rare, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Moreover, following simple precautions when preparing and cooking pork is sufficient to kill Trichinella worms and larvae. While cooking pork meat at 140 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit is already enough to kill the worm, a cooking temperature of 170 F to eliminate Trichinella contamination is recommended by the CDC. The worms can also be killed by freezing pork cuts that are 6 inches or less thick for 20 days at 5 F or below.