What Is Winn-Dixie's Fuelperks! Program?

Winn-Dixie’s fuelperks! is a rewards program that allows customers to save five cents per gallon of gas with every $50 purchase at participating retail locations. To collect fuelperks!, customers need to use a Winn-Dixie reward card for making purchases. On reaching a $50 threshold, the customer earns a fuelperks! reward that can be redeemed at participating Shell or other select fuel locations.

The fuelperks! program is one of the rewards that Winn-Dixie customers get by using the store’s customer reward card. With the customer reward card, customers also get access to in-store deals as well as coupons. Customers can redeem fuelperks! benefits at participating fuel locations by inserting their reward cards at the pump or by presenting it to the cashier at the station. Fuelperks! discounts are eligible for fuel purchases of up to 20 gallons. Fuelperks! are added with every $50 purchase at participating stores over multiple visits.

Customers can search for fuel stations that accept fuelperks! on the website WinnDixie.com or by looking for a “fuelperks!” sign at the location. Fuelperks! expire at the end of the month immediately following the month a customer earns them. Several items are excluded from earning fuelperks!, including tobacco, lottery tickets, federally funded prescriptions, Winn-Dixie brand gift cards and postage stamps.