What Wines Should You Serve With Ham?


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Wines that go well with ham include dry rosés, white Zinfandels and Riesling. Other wines that go well with ham are Chenin blanc, Lambrusco and Grenache. The type of wine also depends on whether the ham is mild or highly spiced.

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What Wines Should You Serve With Ham?
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Hams can be aged and dry-cured, as is the case with speck, prosciutto, Bayonne and Serrano ham. WineFolly suggests a sparkling wine to counter the saltiness of these hams. Smoky hams, such as mortadella, Black Forest ham and Spam, go best with moderately acidic and medium-bodied wines such as dark rosé. Honey baked, glazed and Canadian hams pair best with wines such as white Zinfandel, white port or even moscato.

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