Where Was Wine First Produced?


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Humans have been consuming wine and other fermented beverages for many centuries, and one of the earliest known instances of fermented beverage being made with grapes, which are used to make wines, dates back to China circa 7000-6600 B.C.E. It's difficult to say whether this beverage was actually a wine, but research does confirm that it was at least a wine-like beverage. There is a lot of evidence of wine being deliberately made and consumed after this period, particularly in ancient civilizations in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece and Rome.

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Where Was Wine First Produced?
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Wine was very important in ancient Greek and Roman society; wine is frequently mentioned in religious and historical texts, and there is plenty of art dedicated to or at least referencing the consumption of wine. People seem to have particularly and perhaps purposefully enjoyed wine for its ability to alter the human consciousness. This made wine suitable for ancient religious ceremonies, particularly those related to the ancient Greek god of Dionysus and his Roman successor, Bacchus. Wine was so important in these cultures that there were cults dedicated specifically to the worship of these wine gods. Human interest in wine for other purposes, including simple enjoyment, seems to have increased over time, with European cultures particularly participating in viniculture.

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