Are Wild Strawberries Poisonous?


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Wild strawberries are not poisonous. They are high in vitamin C, potassium, antioxidants and fiber, and they can be eaten fresh, baked into desserts or blended into smoothies.

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Are Wild Strawberries Poisonous?
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A variety of mammals, birds and insects enjoy wild strawberries. Most woodland creatures eat wild strawberries when given the opportunity, including bears, box turtles, skunks, deer, crows and chipmunks. Many insects get pollen and nectar from wild strawberry flowers.

Wild strawberries are low-growing herbaceous perennials that are well adapted to meadows, forest glens, open woods and prairies. They are more drought-tolerant than their commercially grown counterparts and more resistant to plant viruses and fungal diseases.

The fruit of wild strawberries is smaller than that of cultivated strawberries and is generally sweeter if left to ripen properly. The berries begin to appear around the middle of June in most locations.

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