What Is the Most Widely Consumed Fruit?


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In the United States, bananas are the most widely-consumed fruit, followed closely by apples. As of 2010, each American consumed approximately 10 pounds of bananas each year, and around 9.5 pounds of apples. This number remains similar to fruit consumption trends in 1970, when Americans ate slightly higher amounts of apples annually than bananas.

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Although bananas and apples take the lead as the two most popular fruits in the United States, some discrepancy exists in the rankings of other fruits. The Agricultural Marketing Resource Center states that Americans eat the highest number of oranges, grapes and strawberries, in that order. However, the United States Department of Agriculture lists watermelon, grapes and strawberries as the next three most popular fruits, respectively.

Since the 1970s, Americans transitioned from eating large amounts of oranges to consuming grapes and watermelon, but they eat fewer pears than they have in the past few decades. Berries, including blackberries and blueberries, have enjoyed a boost in sales and consumption since 1970. These fruits are now more readily available and are produced in greater quantities, making them popular options for fresh fruit.

As with other foods, fruit production varies annually. In some years, certain industries experience poor growing conditions or yield a lower crop output, which reduces availability and increases cost. This is true for the citrus industry, which declined slightly in 2011 and 2012.

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