How Do White Castle Prices Compare to Other Fast Food Chains?


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White Castle's prices are generally lower than the prices of other fast food chains, such as McDonald's, Burger King and Wendy's. However, its portions are smaller than those of its competitors.

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White Castle's signature burgers are its Original Slider hamburgers, which are significantly smaller than other famous burgers, such as the Big Mac and the Whopper. As of December 2015, an Original Slider costs 71 cents, compared to $3.99 for a Big Mac and $4.19 for a Whopper. White Castle also offers Cheese Sliders and Bacon Cheese Sliders, both of which are less expensive than comparable offerings from other chains. The restaurant also offers 16-piece Original Slider combos for $9.99 and 16-piece Cheese Slider combos for $10.99.

White Castle's other items, such as French fries, onion rings and soft drinks, are very similar in price to other fast food chains, due to the similarity in portion size. A medium-sized order of French fries costs $1.69 at White Castle, which is exactly the same as the price at McDonald's and 50 cents lower than Burger King's price of $2.19. Similarly, a medium soft drink is available at White Castle for $1.79, with the same item costing $1.29 at McDonald's and $2.09 at Burger King. White Castle also offers unique items, such as Gooey Butter Cake and Fish Sliders, that are difficult to compare to food offered by other chains.

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