What Whiskies Comprise the Johnnie Walker Collection?


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The Johnnie Walker Collection consists of Johnnie Walker Red Label, Blue Label, Double Black Blended, Gold Label Reserve and Platinum Label whiskies. The Johnnie Walker Collection also includes Blue Label and Rye Cask Finish. The Johnnie Walker Explorers Club Collection has The Adventurer, Spice Road, Royal Route and Gold Route whiskies, while the John Walker and Sons collection has the XR 21, King George V, Private Collection 2015, Odyssey, Private Collection 2014 and John Walker whiskies.

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Whisky was originally distilled by monks, and this early form of the beverage was raw and unfiltered. This old-fashioned whisky was mostly used as medicine. When Henry VIII closed the monasteries, Scottish men started brewing whisky in their homes.

This homemade whisky became quite popular and was a staple throughout 19th century Scotland. This whiskey, though filtered and better-tasting, wasn't regulated or consistent. As the whiskey-making process wasn't set, or even documented, the drink vastly differed in taste from barrel to barrel.

It wasn't until John Walker started blending different whiskies together that modern whisky was born. John Walker ran a grocery store in Kilmarnock and wanted to be able to sell standardized whiskey so his customers would keep coming back to his store.

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