How Do You Whet Your Appetite?


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Suggestions for whetting the appetite fall into two broad categories: addressing vitamin and mineral deficiencies and making food and eating more appealing. Low levels of zinc, folic acid, vitamin B12 and salt can cause loss of appetite. There are also more holistic ways to increase appetite, such as eating smaller meals more often during the day and keeping meals simple.

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Low levels of zinc can lead to low levels of hydrochloric acid, or HCl, which is a chemical that helps the body digest protein and can affect how food tastes. Taking a multivitamin or eating foods rich in zinc helps alleviate zinc-related appetite issues. Multivitamins can also correct low levels of folic acid and B vitamins. These vitamins, along with zinc, also help increase production of HCl, which increases appetite.

If taking a multivitamin does not help with loss of appetite, find ways to make food more interesting. Easy ways to do this are to try new foods, recipes and spices. Explore what kinds of seasonings, such as salt or fresh herbs, make food taste better. Flavor enhancers like vinegar and mustard can make natural flavors stand out. Make an effort to eat with friends and family to make mealtimes more fun.

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