What Were the Top Champagne Brands in 2014?

What Were the Top Champagne Brands in 2014?

What Were the Top Champagne Brands in 2014?

Some of the top champagne brands of 2014 included Krug, Dom Perignon, Laurent Perrier, Louis Roederer and Dom Ruinart, as listed on the Top Yaps website. There are many different brands of champagne that are considered "top brands," some because of their alcohol content and others because of their bubbles or silky smooth texture.

Even though there is no champagne that could be considered the best, there are several brands that are extremely popular around the world.

  • Krug
  • Krug has been redefined over six generations since 1843. The brand remains one of the top brands for champagne.

  • Dom Perignon
  • Dom Perignon is available in pino noir and Chardonnay varieties. The champagne was originally a gift from monk Dom Pierre Perignon, and he is considered the inventor of champagne.

  • Laurent Perrier
  • Laurent Perrier offers a wide range of styles, including Brut Zero Dosage and L-Brut. It was established in 1812 and is considered a top brand of champagne.

  • Louis Roederer
  • Cristal Rose is one of the most popular champagnes in the Louis Roederer brand. Cristal Rose is also one of the most expensive rose champagnes in the world.

  • Dom Ruinart
  • Dom Ruinart is only found at top restaurants and offers a fresh, subtle flavor from the exquisite grapes and blending process.

  • Taitinger
  • Taitinger has been making champagnes, such as the Comtes de Champagne and the Cometes de Champagne Rose, since 1932.