What Were Some Popular Discontinued Cookies?


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Keebler Magic Middles, Big Stuf Oreos, Chocolate Peanut Butter-Filled E.L. Fudge and Apple Newtons are a few popular discontinued cookies, according to the Houston Press. Dulce de Leche and Thank You Berry Munch Girl Scout cookies were discontinued in 2015.

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Van'chos, Kookaburras, Golden Yangles and Praline Royales are a few other Girl Scout cookies that have been discontinued over the years, according to Mental Floss. Golden Nut Clusters, Snaps, Mango Cremes and Upside Downs have also been discontinued. Ole Oles, Le Chips, Cinna-spins and Aloha Chips met a similar fate. Two cookies with a personal connection to the Girl Scouts, Lemon Chalets and Juliettes, were also discontinued.

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