What Are the Weight Loss Benefits of Goji Berries?


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The weight loss benefits of goji berries depend on a variety of factors: the quantity of berries consumed, how often the berries are eaten and other components of a person's diet. According to The Super Foods website, goji berries have a high-fiber content which helps individuals to feel full quicker and reduces cravings for unhealthy, sugary foods, and this encourages weight loss.

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What Are the Weight Loss Benefits of Goji Berries?
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Often, people gain weight because they crave sugary foods full of starch. Super Foods explains that goji berries have a low-glycemic index which decreases a desire for high carbohydrate foods. The berries are also full of nutrients such as beta-carotene, calcium, amino acids, trace minerals and vitamin B1. This helps the thyroid, muscle function, and reduction toxins in the body.

Goji berries are also believed to reduce stress levels. Stress can cause people to crave high-calorie foods and binge eat snacks that are high in sugar or meals that are high in starch. The goji berry's ability to reduce stress in turn decreases the temptation to eat such foods.

Goji berries are best when eaten whole; however, it is not easy to purchase whole goji berries in the United States. Dried berries, goji juice and tea are good alternatives. They can be found in a variety of health food stores or ordered online.

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