What Websites Have Great Recipes for Acorn Squash?


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Delicious acorn squash recipes are featured online at Epicurious, Martha Stewart and Huffington Post. The recipe for kale and sausage stuffed acorn squash on Epicurious gets high marks from reviewers. Martha Stewart has numerous unique recipes for preparing acorn squash, as does Huffington Post.

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What Websites Have Great Recipes for Acorn Squash?
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Stuffed acorn squash recipes, such as acorn squash with healthy kale and sausage, are popular with squash lovers. This baking recipe uses two medium-sized acorn squash, which are baked for 30 minutes. The stuffing mixture combines fresh kale, turkey sausage with walnuts and panko bread crumbs. Garlic and Parmesan cheese provide additional flavors. Martha Stewart has a variety of acorn squash recipes on her website that range from savory to sweet. Stand out recipes include acorn squash miniature pies, and lasagna with acorn squash filling.

Huffington Post features 24 unique acorn squash recipes that are perfect for any occasion. Cooks can make acorn squash pancakes for breakfast, have caramelized acorn and pomegranate salad for lunch and enjoy acorn squash pizza for dinner. When cutting acorn squash to use in recipes, a sturdy knife makes the job easier. Typically, the squash is cut in half through the stem, and all of its fibers and seeds are removed. Seeds can be roasted and eaten, if desired. Acorn squash must never be boiled, since boiling ruins its flavor.

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