Which Websites Allow You to Buy Prepaid Restaurant Gift Cards?

Which Websites Allow You to Buy Prepaid Restaurant Gift Cards?

There are several website options that offer prepaid restaurant gift cards: restaurant websites such as Olive Garden, a retail or gift card website like Amazon or Restaurant, or local promotional websites, such as Seize the Deal. Availability of online gift cards may be subject to a given area or restaurant and often do not have an expiration date.

In order to find prepaid restaurant gift cards online:

Find a gift card option from a gift card supply website

Websites that offer gift cards for restaurants exclusively, such as Restaurant.com, provide discounts on the face value of gift cards and run promotions and specials on their offerings. For example, a $10 gift card might cost $5. Customers can browse the available gift cards by city or by cuisine. The ZIP code, city or state can be entered or the food or restaurant type can be entered. Gift cards will be emailed and can be printed or presented on a mobile device. There is usually a minimum purchase.

Find a gift card from a retail website

Restaurant gift cards are usually available directly from the specific restaurant's website or can be purchased through websites that sell gift cards as part of their inventory, such as Amazon. The gift cards from these websites can be mailed, picked up locally or emailed and cost face value.

Find a gift card on a local website

Local websites usually have an ever-changing inventory of discounts and gift cards for local restaurants, theaters and more. These websites offer local specials that usually have an expiration date, are available for a limited time and require the gift cards to be used at the specific location.