What Are Some Ways to Use the Whole Lemon?

What Are Some Ways to Use the Whole Lemon?

There are many uses for lemons and their individual parts, such as using the juice for lemonade, the zest for cooking and the peel for making potpourri, as well as many other uses. The peel is very versatile, and it can be used for a large variety of uses, from cleaning products to beauty products.

When using a lemon for cooking, consider using the remaining parts in a number of ways.

Lemon juice can be used for making lemonade, accenting fish, adding to beer, mixing with yogurt and adding to many other meals and dishes.

Lemon zest can be added to both sweet and savory meals, including muffins and cakes, as well as meatballs and other meat dishes. To zest a lemon, use a rasp, citrus zester, vegetable peeler or paring knife to remove just the yellow zest while leaving behind the white pith. When using the zest, purchase lemons without a wax coating, or thoroughly clean the lemon first.

Lemon peel is very versatile, with uses ranging from homemade cleaning products to all-natural beauty products to eliminating ant infestations. Added to gardens, whole lemon peels keep pests away from the plants. Lemon peels are also a great addition to garbage disposals, as they clean the trap and smell great.