What Are Some Ways to Use Pure Cane Syrup?


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Pure cane syrup can be used in sweet dishes as a replacement for corn syrup or as a sweetener in savory dishes like homemade barbecue sauce. It can also be used in cocktails.

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Cane syrup is a Louisiana staple that is made by boiling down the juice extracted from sugar cane stalks. Cane syrup has a rich, buttery caramel flavor and can replace high-fructose corn syrup in desserts. Cane syrup can be used in lieu of corn syrup for a pecan pie or in a recipe for wet walnuts as a sundae topping. It can also be used on its own as a topping, such as the Louisiana tradition of drizzling hot biscuits with cane syrup.

For savory dishes, cane syrup is an excellent addition to homemade barbecue sauces. Cane syrup can also replace maple syrup in New England-style baked beans. Another savory dish that lends itself well to the use of cane syrup is the sweet and spicy meatball appetizer. Saveur.com features recipes for these savory dishes.

For the cocktail enthusiast, light cane syrup is used to sweeten cocktails and punches as a simple syrup substitute. The more traditional caramelized version of pure cane syrup is used for cocktails such as the Macondo, an Albuquerque Old-Fashioned or a Pirate Slave. Recipes for these cocktails can be found at KindredCocktails.com.

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