What Are Some Ways to Use Atlas Mason Jars?

What Are Some Ways to Use Atlas Mason Jars?

Ways to use Atlas Mason jars include canning, storing dried foods, making jarred candles, storing odds and ends, storing fresh foods, creating vases and serving glasses. Crafters can also repurpose Mason jars into salt and pepper shakers, soap dispensers, drink tumblers and blenders.

Mason jars were originally designed for canning, and they are still very popular as canning supplies. However, they can also be used to store a wide variety of other foods. Because they seal well, they work well as storage for dried goods. They can hold candy, dried herbs, and other foods. Around the holidays, crafters can use the jars to hold gifts-in-a-jar, such as homemade cookie mixes. Mason jars make handy containers for fresh foods such as salads.

Mason jars also make good serving glasses. They can be used to serve parfaits or as simple glasses for cocktails and other drinks. Because they are made of glass, they also make useful individually-portioned baking dishes for everything from biscuits to pie.

Mason jars make handy vases for flowers. Fresh herbs such as basil can also be stashed in Mason jars to make them last longer.

Although Mason jars are useful for food storage, they can also hold other items. Twine, matches and cupcake liners all fit neatly inside the jars.