What Are Ways to Tenderize a T-Bone Steak?

You can tenderize a T-bone steak with mechanical tenderizing tools, like a meat cleaver; thermal tenderization, such as by cooking it slowly on dry or wet heat; or enzymatic tenderization, such as by using dry aging-techniques. The method chosen will depend on how much time is available to tenderize T-bone steak as well as what method of cooking will be used.

To tenderize meat using a mechanical device like a meat cleaver, you simply pound on the meat using the cleaver. This technique breaks up the connective tissues in the meat so that it is not as tough when you bite into it or chew it. This type of tenderizing technique will make meat considerably thinner and is not recommended for grilling.

Although most people prefer steak fried, you can also prepare it by slow cooking using low heat. This thermal tenderization technique uses heat to break down the connective tissues in the meat, leaving it fork tender. This is because the collagen that surrounds the muscle begins to turn to a gelatin when exposed to heat for extended periods of time and holds the muscle fibers together.

The final technique, which is dry-aging, involves the use of enzymes to increase the rate at which collagen in the meat is broken down over time. The results are generally flavorful meat that is tender and juicy without the structure of the meat being altered much.