What Are Some Ways to Search Recipes for Your Favorite Dishes?

What Are Some Ways to Search Recipes for Your Favorite Dishes?

AllRecipes.com and MyRecipes.com contain thousands of recipes that are free to view. Both sites offer detailed search options that make it simple to find the right recipe.

The Search box at AllRecipes.com allows the user search for a dish. Once the search is complete, click the desired recipe to view it. Users on the site rate and review each recipe, which can be useful to learn about any tweaks that can help improve it. Each recipe also features user-submitted pictures.

The more advanced Ingredient Search option offers a keyword search, along with the option to include or exclude specific ingredients. This can be useful when dealing with children who don't like certain foods, or guests who have allergies.

MyRecipes.com includes over 65,000 recipes. It features a keyword search similar to AllRecipes.com, with the option of searching for specific ingredients. An extra feature on MyRecipes.com is the Nutrition Search, which combines a keyword search with the ability to set desired amounts for calories, fat and carbohydrates, among other properties.

Once the desired recipe is located, MyRecipes.com provides the required information along with user comments and ratings. The recipe's nutritional information is also provided, with calories and other figures per serving.

Hovering the mouse pointer over an ingredient lets the user see deals on that ingredient in his area.