What Are Some Ways to Make Texas Caviar With Italian Dressing?


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There are many variations on Texas caviar with Italian dressing, which can include using dried or frozen vegetables, bottled dressing or dressing mix. It is generally standard for the caviar to be mixed with the dressing.

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Frieda's Texas Caviar calls for using dried black-eyed peas along with fresh vegetables like bell peppers, chilies, garlic, tomatoes and a mix of herbs. The dressing in this version is bottled dressing. Using the bottled dressing allows cooks to use any type of Italian dressing they want, giving the dish a unique flavor from traditional dressings.

A recipe offered by Taste of Home calls for canned black-eyed peas, a can of diced tomatoes and chilies, onion and avocado. Unlike the Frieda's recipe, this one does not call for the mix of fresh herbs. It uses bottled dressing to give it a bit of zing.

Deep South Dish offers a version of the recipe with a Mississippi twist. In addition to the Italian dressing, it adds olive oil, vinegar, spicy mustard and hot sauce to make it spicy. This one uses black-eyed peas, but also has kidney beans, corn, a variety of peppers, celery, onions and garlic, which makes a thick, flavorful version of the caviar.

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