What Are Some Ways to Make Food Coloring Paste?


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Sugar paste for decorating cakes is made from glucose syrup, glycerin, gelatin, water and powdered sugar. It can be colored using specialized dyes; regular food coloring tends to ruin the texture of the finished product.

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Sugar paste is also known as fondant. It is sold by cake decorating shops, but it can also be made at home. To make sugar paste, first, the gelatin should be sprinkled over some water to soften it. This mixture should then be slightly heated to dissolve the gelatin completely.

The next step is to stir the glucose syrup and glycerin into the gelatin solution. Once they are incorporated and the mixture has cooled, it can be added to the powdered sugar. Powdered sugar is also known as confectioner's sugar or icing sugar.

As soon as the mixture is too firm to continue stirring, it should be turned out onto a surface coated with powdered sugar and kneaded by hand, adding more sugar as needed to keep it from sticking. This is the stage in which any coloring can be added to dye the sugar paste; however, it is important to use food coloring specialized for this purpose. Food coloring purchased at regular grocery stores, while useful in coloring frosting and other baked goods, makes sugar paste too sticky.

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