What Are Some Ways to Keep Food Cold During a Power Outage?


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Ways to keep food cold during a power outage include packing the food in a cooler with ice cubes and using dry ice or block ice in the freezer or refrigerator. Freezing refrigerated foods ahead of time and grouping them together in the freezer can also help keep items cool.

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A full freezer can maintain its temperature for about 48 hours if left unopened, while a half-full freezer keeps items cold for about 24 hours. A closed refrigerator can keep food inside at a safe temperature for about four hours.

Reducing the temperature of a freezer or refrigerator to its lowest level before a storm lowers the temperature of the items inside and help foods last longer in a power outage. Filling any empty space in the freezer and refrigerator with frozen containers or bags of ice reduces airflow, which also helps maintain cold temperatures.

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