What Are Some Ways in Which Fast Food Affects Health?


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Conditions of poor health linked to fast food include obesity, high blood pressure levels, sleep apnea, respiratory problems and bloating. Fast food affects the digestive and cardiovascular systems of the human body by causing a spike in the blood sugar level, which causes the body to fail to release insulin at proper times. This may lead to insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes.

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Fast food is loaded with sugar and fat, and contains a lot of calories with very little nutrients. Additional calories increase the risk of developing heart disease. Fast food also contains a lot of trans fats. These substances are very unhealthy and are even banned in some countries. Consuming trans fats may cause the level of bad cholesterol to rise, and the level of good cholesterol to drop. They also increase the possibility of Type 2 diabetes.

Fast food contains a lot of sodium, which holds water in the body and causes bloating. If a person already suffers from high blood pressure, enlarged heart muscle, congestive heart failure, cirrhosis or kidney disease, sodium may worsen the condition. In addition, people who eat too much salt often develop kidney stones, kidney disease and stomach cancer.

The high calorie count of fast food contributes to obesity, which may lead to other health problems, including sleep apnea, respiratory problems and asthma.

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