What Are Some Ways to Get Coupons for Pepperidge Farms?

Some ways to get coupons and other offers for Pepperidge Farm include checking its website, following Pepperidge Farm on Facebook or Twitter and signing up for its e-newsletter, notes the company website. Customers can also check general coupon sites or look for coupons in their local grocery store's weekly advertisements.

As of 2015, customers can visit the Pepperidge Farm website to view special offers and coupons by clicking on "Offers & News." This will display "The Inside Scoop," featuring updates on products and offers. To sign up for the Pepperidge Farm "Fresh Baked" e-newsletter, click on "Sign Up!" and complete the form. Customers will find links to Facebook and Twitter at the bottom of the screen to follow the company and receive coupon updates.

Another way to get Pepperidge Farm coupons is to regularly check a few coupon sites, such as Coupons.com and CouponMom.com, notes Bankrate. Check the sites early in the month to view the most coupons available.

Many grocery stores, such as Albertson's, have their own websites offering coupons and weekly specials. Customers should check the sites of their favorite stores to see if there are Pepperidge Farm coupons. Call the stores to learn their policies on doubling or stacking coupons to get the best deals, recommends Bankrate.