What Are Some Ways to Cook Sweet Corn?


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Grilling, boiling and microwaving are common ways to cook sweet corn. Grilling corn is a popular summertime method when you are already using the grill or barbecue for meat or fish. Both boiling and using a microwave are easy methods only taking a few minutes. When the corn is ready, you can add salt, butter or your favorite herbs as toppings.

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To grill sweet corn, brush the corn with some olive oil, and place it on the grill, making sure you turn it a few times so that it takes an even brown color on its surface. Some people like to cover the corn with its husks and some aluminum foil to avoid any burnt flavor. The cooking process usually takes about 15 minutes on a medium-hot grill.

Boiling sweet corn is simple and only takes three to five minutes. Cover the corn with cold water, and bring to the boil. Add salt to the boiling water if desired.

When microwaving corn, leave its husks on, and set your microwave to high. Generally, you should cook a maximum of two pieces of corn at the same time. Cooking time ranges from four to six minutes, based on the age of the corn. Fresher corn generally cooks more quickly, so check it with a fork after a few minutes to avoid overcooking.

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