What Are Some Ways to Cook Mussels?

What Are Some Ways to Cook Mussels?

Many mussel recipes use the same basic cooking technique. Mussels are usually cooked in a flavored liquid such as a sauce or broth until they open.

Creamy French Mussel is a recipe incorporating mussels with white wine, heavy cream and garlic into an easy-to-prepare dish that is ready in less than 30 minutes. Dairy-sensitive people can omit the heavy cream for a basic French recipe.

Another way to prepare mussels is by creating a chipotle recipe using ingredients such as pureed chipotle peppers, liquid smoke and maple syrup. Adding a splash of heavy cream to the sauce will provide a creaminess.

Beer and Bacon Mussels is a way of cooking that uses beer, bacon crumbles and onion to create a unique flavor. Simply crisp some bacon and sauté it with a chopped onion. Add beer to the mix and a splash of cream at the end.

Italian mussels are made with olive oil, shallots, white wine and tomatoes combined for a hearty broth. Finish the dish with chopped fresh basil leaves for a fresh taste.

Mussels have a neutral flavor and take on the flavor of the broth they are cooked in. They can be added to a bisque or into a curry cream sauce.