What Are Some Ways to Cook Haddock Fillets?


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Haddock fillets can be baked, broiled and smoked: fillet-themed dinner dishes include broiled fillet, spinach, tomato and haddock bake, smoked fish pie, Mainely fish and fish chowder. Sometimes, haddock fillets are prepared as stand-alone dishes, such as baked or broiled with a light coating of fresh lemon, salt and black pepper. Haddock is also ideal for breading, searing and frying with butter or olive oil, along with any desired spices.

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For warm, savory dishes, haddock-themed bakes make popular choices. A baked dish combining mushrooms, onions, haddock and cheese, if desired, is a good recipe for a cold night. Haddock bubbly bake is another option. This dish, derived from English cuisine, combines crusted haddock with a rice pilaf and side of steamed or sauteed green beans for a casual yet filling meal. Haddock au gratin is another substantial winter dish that combines haddock with cheese, carrots and rice.

People can prepare regional dishes with haddock fillets too. For a Southern twist, try seafood creole stew with haddock. Mainely haddock is an idea from chefs in Maine. It pairs baked haddock fillets with fresh, seasonal summer vegetables like tomatoes, bell peppers and zucchini for a healthy and nutritious dish.

Haddock fillets can also pair with other meats for a hearty meal. Fillets stuffed with crab is one idea, as is creamy fish chowder with haddock, bacon and cream. Pancetta-wrapped haddock is another dual meat dish, while a quiche made with smoked haddock, cheese and asparagus gives a maritime twist to a classic comfort food.

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