What Are Some Ways to Cook Broccoli?


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Methods for cooking broccoli include roasting, sauteing, boiling and slow-cooking; each method produces variations in broccoli color, taste and texture, and makes broccoli ideal for different meals. For a simple meal, roasting is one of the easiest ways to prepare broccoli, suggests Fine Cooking; sauteing takes a bit longer, but produces a nice flavor, while boiling takes minimal time and slow-cooking yields a rich, savory flavor.

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Roasting broccoli creates crisp, green vegetable pieces. This method requires slicing broccoli florets in half, then tossing with a mixture of olive oil and salt. The broccoli then goes into a hot oven for roughly 20 minutes. After removing, it can be finished with additional salt, pepper, a squeeze of lemon juice and grated cheese.

Slow-cooked broccoli is made on the stove top. This method involves adding broccoli to a large skillet over low heat, and cooking with olive oil. The broccoli absorbs the oil, which gives a caramelized flavor and a rich taste. Sauteing is very similar; it also requires a large skillet and oil, but uses high heat for fast cooking. In addition to oil, adding water helps create pan-perfect broccoli, notes Fine Cooking. The water creates excess steam, which helps broccoli cook faster. Unlike slow-cooking, however, broccoli should only be stirred sparingly, as it needs time to brown.

Lastly, boiling broccoli is a fast and easy cooking method. It creates soft, bright green florets, and is ideal for serving at room temperature. Boiled broccoli should be submerged in cold water after removing from the stove top, as it continues cooking even after the boiled water is turned off.

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