What Is the Best Way to Store Ginger Root?


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The best way to store fresh ginger is to leave it unpeeled and sealed in a zip-top bag, according to both TheKitchn.com and Good Housekeeping. For best results, the air needs to be pushed out, and the bag should be stored in the vegetable crisper in the refrigerator.

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What Is the Best Way to Store Ginger Root?
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Storing fresh ginger effectively requires buying a good ginger root to begin with. Ginger shouldn't be wet, moldy or withered. The ginger root should have smooth skin and a firm texture. It should also feel heavy for its size, which indicates it's full of ginger juice.

Some cooks like to store ginger in spirits. Vodka and sherry are common, though sake and rice wine are also possible. Fresh ginger remains good for eight weeks or more using this method. Ginger stored in the refrigerator submerged in vodka yielded the best results, according to FineCooking.com. Likewise, the vodka acquired a ginger flavor that could be used in recipes or drinks.

Another method for storing ginger root is in soil. For this method, the fresh ginger should be unpeeled and placed in clean soil. Ginger root can last up to eight weeks in soil and may even sprout foliage.

Ginger root should not be stored in paper bags, wrapped in plastic or wrapped in a paper towel.

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