What Is the Best Way to Remove Chicken Giblets From Commercial Chickens?

way-remove-chicken-giblets-commercial-chickens Credit: U.S. Department of Agriculture/CC-BY-2.0

Whole chickens that contain giblets are removed by opening the cavity at the bottom end and pulling out the giblet packet. If the chicken is frozen, it should be completely thawed before removing the giblet packet. Cooking tongs can easily reach the packet.

Chicken giblets are removed from the chicken during processing, but they are then packaged and inserted into the breast cavity. Giblets include the heart, gizzard and liver of the chicken. The chicken neck may be included in with the giblets, but is not actually a giblet. The giblets may be set aside to use for giblet gravy or as part another recipe. Alternatively, they can be discarded.

When purchasing a whole chicken, the giblets should always be removed before preparing the chicken for a meal. Cooking the giblet packet by accident can be okay or a meal disaster depending on the packaging. Giblets are packaged in either paper or plastic.

When giblets wrapped up in butcher paper are cooked by accident, the chicken is still edible if cooked at a safe temperature. However, if the giblets are wrapped in plastic, the poultry should be discarded along with the giblets. Plastic is made from chemicals that are harmful when altered by heat. Melted plastic inside the cooked chicken renders the meat inedible.