What Is the Best Way to Get Peaches and Plums to Ripen Without Rotting?

There are three ways to ripen hard peaches and plums to enhance their texture. You can leave them on the kitchen counter, place them in a paper bag or put them in a bag with another kind of fruit to speed up the process.

There are three methods of ripening peaches and plums that have been purchased before they are soft and ready to eat. With any of these methods, it is important to check them carefully at least once a day. These methods can ripen fruit very quickly, and once ripe, fruit should be placed in the refrigerator where it keeps a few days longer without rotting. Always handle peaches and plums carefully and do not pile them too deeply in a bowl or basket, which leads the bottom layer of fruit to deteriorate quickly.

The easiest way to ripen fruit is to let it sit on the counter. Place peaches or plums upside down on their stem ends, and do not let them touch each other.

A quicker method is to place the peaches or plums in a brown paper bag. Close the bag by folding the top over. This helps trap the ethylene gas given off naturally by the fruit. Keep the bag at room temperature and ensure that it remains dry. Keep the fruit away from direct sunlight.

For the quickest method of all, put an apple or banana in a bag with the peaches or plums. Apples and bananas produce high levels of ethylene, which helps ripen fruit.