What Is the Way to Cut Asparagus?


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It is simple to cut asparagus because it involves first cutting off the bottom quarter of this vegetable with a knife, and cutting the remaining piece into equal lengths, starting at the tip. The bottom quarter is the woody and tough stem, which is best to discard. This method also works for cutting several spears of asparagus at one time.

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Another method used to prepare asparagus without the use of a knife is to hold the asparagus spear at its base and begin to bend it until one finds a location where it breaks easily. The chef then discards the bottom part that snaps off. Working up from the base to the tip, continue to bend and snap off pieces.

Asparagus is a vegetable that is a rich source of many nutrients, such as folic acid, rutin, thiamin and vitamin B6. It also contains potassium and fiber.

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