Does Vodka Have Gluten?


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Some vodka makers offer gluten free versions. It is best to read all labels to make sure there is no wheat in the beverage.

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There are grape, potato, and corn-based vodkas that are safe for people with a gluten allergy or celiac disease. The gluten is said to be removed in all wheat-based vodkas during the distillation process but small amounts may be left. Therefore, it is best for people with major allergies to just steer clear of wheat-based vodkas. Always read labels and double check with the bartender before having a drink. Below is a list of brewers that offer gluten-free options.

  • Absolut
  • Cayman Blue
  • Boyd and Blair
  • Ciroc
  • Cold River
  • Three Olives
  • Smirnoff
  • Teton Glacier
  • RWB
  • Vikingfjord
  • Pau Maui Hawaiian
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