What Are Some Versions of the White Castle Hamburger Recipe?

Several versions of the White Castle hamburger recipe are available online. Steam grilling the miniature burgers over onions locks in moisture and produces that classic White Castle texture.

Making White Castle-style burgers requires 1 pound hamburger, 1/2 medium onion, 8 hot dog buns, and salt and pepper to taste. Cheese slices and pickles are optional ingredients. To make 16 mini hamburgers, flatten portions of ground beef between sheets of wax paper into 2-1/2-inch rounds. Create five small holes in each patty using a pen cap or straw. Slice the onion half into slim matchstick pieces. Cut the hot dog buns in half, removing the rounded edges from each end.

Grill bun faces lightly and place three piles of onions into a hot skillet pan. Place burgers on top of the onions and cook for four to five minutes without flipping the patties over. For cheeseburgers with pickles place cheese slices on top of the onions, and place the pickles on top. Making the perfect slider burger requires choosing high-quality ground beef, and White Castle blends regular ground beef with ground chuck. Instead of using hot dog buns, you can also use miniature rolls that usually come 12 to a package.