Which Vegetables Are Suitable for Winter Planting?

Which Vegetables Are Suitable for Winter Planting?

Root vegetables and some hardy leafy vegetables are suitable for winter planting. Root crops include garlic, leeks, onions and radishes, while hardy leaf crops include Swiss chard, peas and perpetual spinach.

To plant and grow vegetables in winter, follow a few basic guidelines. For example, garlic needs to be planted 4 inches apart. Wait until the first shoot pokes through before watering.

You can harvest leeks through mild winters. To plant them, it's best to start with nursery seedlings.

Onions require soil that does not include a lot of sand or clay. While it's possible to plant onion seeds, winter-planted onion grows better when grown from bulbs. Onion plants require regular water.

Radishes are easy to grow from seed or seedling. Even in winter, they are available within one month.

Swiss chard is similarly easy to grow even in winter; you can harvest it year-round. Swiss chard grows well from either seed or seedling.

It's best to plant peas in November or February. They require rich soil, but it's possible to poke the seeds directly into the ground. They also need stakes to climb and protection from birds.

Perpetual spinach is suitable for winter planting from seed. The vegetable produces edible leaves all through winter. The leaves grow back after being cut.