Are There Vegetables That Start With Each Letter of the Alphabet?


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There are vegetables that start with each letter of the alphabet save the letter "X " and "Q." They include asparagus, beets and broccoli, cabbage, dasheen and eggplant. They also include fennel, gourds and Hanover salad, which is a type of brassica.

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Other vegetables are ice plant, jicama, kale, leek and mustard greens. There are also nasturtiums, whose leaves and flowers are used in salads, as well as onion, parsnip, peas and pokeweed, whose stems and leaves can be eaten like other types of greens. There are also peppers, radishes, rampion, rutabaga and salsify. Other vegetables are sea kale, sorrel, spinach, tomato and tomatillo. Finishing the list are watercress, upland cress, vine leaves used to make dolmades, yams and zucchini.

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