What Are Some Vegetables That Are High in Leptin?

There are no vegetables high in leptin. Leptin is a hormone found in the fat cells of the body, but it is not present in food. Leptin works to communicate to the brain when the stomach is full.

Although there are no foods containing leptin, there are some foods that can influence the body's production of leptin. When one eats foods high in carbohydrates and highly processed foods, the body becomes less sensitive to leptin. As a result, the brain does not receive enough leptin to signal the feeling of fullness, and a person may then overeat.

On the other hand, some foods can improve leptin sensitivity so that one is less likely to overeat. Examples include high-protein foods, especially when consumed at breakfast, as well as green, leafy vegetables and foods high in fiber. High-fiber foods include lentils, all varieties of beans, chickpeas, avocados and whole grains. Green, leafy vegetables include kale, collard greens, Swiss chard and spinach. Protein-rich breakfast foods include eggs with cheese, peanut butter on whole-grain toast, yogurt and protein shakes.

Those who are interested in regulating the leptin in their bodies may find the Leptin Diet helpful. The Leptin Diet encourages dieters to consume the foods previously mentioned that help regulate leptin, and it also has rules about eating habits. For example, the Leptin Diet does not allow eating after dinner and discourages large meals.