What Vegetables Can Grow in a Greenhouse?


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A few optimal greenhouse vegetables are leafy greens, microgreens, spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, herbs, green beans, swiss chard and squash. A sufficient knowledge of greenhouse gardening is necessary to know which vegetables grow in each season.

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Greenhouse gardening can be productive for most of the year, but it requires a great deal of environmental control. Gardeners should maintain optimal levels of temperature, humidity, soil moisture and drainage, light, soil aeration and fertility levels.

Temperature is especially important in greenhouse gardening. If the weather outside is cold or the sun is blocked by clouds, heat needs to be pumped into the greenhouse to keep plants growing. If the weather is hot, vents and fans are needed to lower the temperature. The advisable temperature varies depending on the amount of light available for the plants.

A greenhouse should be kept warmer during the day and cooler at night. It is important to know the temperature levels that each variety of plant needs to thrive before beginning to build a greenhouse, as this helps gardeners learn the types of heating and ventilation systems to install. Greenhouse equipment to meet each set-up can be found in greenhouse and garden supply catalogs in print and online.

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