What Are Some Varieties of Winter Squash?

What Are Some Varieties of Winter Squash?

What Are Some Varieties of Winter Squash?

Varieties of winter squash include acorn squash, sweet dumpling squash and carnival squash, according to Epicurious. Other varieties include kabocha squash, red kabocha squash, butternut squash and the sugar pumpkin.

Acorn squash is so named due to its shape, which is similar to an acorn. It is mildly flavored. Acorn squash with dull green rinds are easier to cut open than those that are yellow.

The sweet dumpling squash is a small squash with an edible whitish-yellow and green rind. Its flesh tastes similar to a sweet potato. As such, it can be substituted for sweet potato in recipes.

Carnival squash is a cross between acorn squash and sweet dumpling squash. Its flesh is sweet, and it can be substituted for acorn or sweet dumpling squash in recipes.

Kabocha and red kabocha squash varieties are both sweet, though red kabocha is sweeter than its green counterpart. Both types are considered Japanese squash, and feature an earthy, nutty flavor.

The butternut squash is a slim, bell-shaped squash with a slightly sweet flavor. It has a muted-yellow color. To handle it more easily, separate the neck from the body.

The sugar pumpkin is a very small and squat pumpkin. Sugar pumpkins are known for their classic pumpkin flavor, as well as their thick, fleshy walls.