What Are Some Varieties of Determinate Tomatoes?

What Are Some Varieties of Determinate Tomatoes?

Some varieties of determinate tomatoes include Bush Early Girl, Legend and "Glacier. The fruit of these tomato plants are the first to ripen, and they usually ripen between 45 and 60 days. These types of tomatoes are best grown in cooler climates, as high heat causes them to burn.

Other determinate tomatoes produce during the main season and take about 70 to 80 days to reach maturity. The fruits are oval or round, meaty, medium to large in size, and abundant. The plants thrive in warm weather and are longer-lived than the early season type of tomato. Varieties include Kootenai, Siletz and New Big Dwarf.

Dwarf types of determinate tomatoes can be grown in containers. They produce small fruits that ripen in about 45 to 72 days. These tomatoes include Cherry Grande, Elfin, Better Bush and Small Fry.

Other kinds of determinate tomatoes are grown to make sauces. They are also canned or can be eaten out of hand. The fruit is large and meaty and contains few seeds. Tomatoes of this type include San Marzano, Roma and Viva Italia.

Determinate tomatoes also tend to have a more compact and bushy growth habit than indeterminate tomatoes, which tend to be vinous. Because of this, determinate tomatoes do well in cages.