What Is the Value of a 1990 Vintage Cuvee Dom Perignon?

The value of a 1990 vintage Cuvee Dom Pérignon ranges from $167 to $435 as of August 2014, according to Wine-Searcher. Wine merchants value a single bottle between $200 to $600, while a magnum sells for approximately $725 to $1200 in 2014.

Dom Pérignon is named for a Benedictine monk and cellar master who lived from 1638 to 1715. Pérignon was the first to balance elements and correct imperfections when making wine. He was skilled in knowing the right time to bottle wines, and he introduced cork as the method of sealing bottles.

Dom Pérignon is only made in favorable years. It has been produced in 40 of the years between 1921 and 2004.