What Is Usually on the Burger King Breakfast Menu?


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Burger King's breakfast menu usually consists of typical fast-food fare, such as bacon, egg and cheese biscuits, pancakes, hash browns and the restaurant's signature breakfast sandwich, the Croissan'wich. Hot and iced coffees, French toast sticks, oatmeal and sausage breakfast burritos are also part of the morning line-up as of 2015.

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Pancakes became part of the Burger King breakfast menu in 2010 when the company completely overhauled its breakfast options. Most items, including mini-blueberry biscuits with icing and several breakfast platters, are no longer on the menu. The pancakes and sausage platter and the BK ultimate breakfast platter with eggs, hash browns, sausage, a biscuit and three pancakes are still available as of 2015.

Burger King made multiple changes to its breakfast menu in 2014. Whoppers, French fries, apple pies and Big Kings briefly appeared during breakfast hours at about 5,000 Burger Kings across the nation, and a limited-time $1 menu, featuring French toast sticks, breakfast burritos, and sausage and cheese muffin sandwiches, debuted in all locations.

The Croissan'wich is usually available with just egg and cheese or with a meat, such as bacon, sausage or ham. In 2015, the fast-food chain introduced King Croissan'wiches with double meat, such as double sausage or ham and sausage, as well as the fully loaded Croissan'wich, which includes bacon, sausage and ham. Burger King serves these breakfast sandwiches on buttered croissant rolls, but the menu also includes sausage biscuits and sausage, egg and cheese muffin sandwiches that are similar to McDonald's McMuffin.

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