What Are Some Uses for Rosemary?

What Are Some Uses for Rosemary?

The rosemary herb has several medicinal uses, such as increasing menstrual flow and reducing flatulence. Cooks also use rosemary as a food flavoring, such as for pork or beef.

The oil extracted from rosemary is often used in herbal medicine practices. Topical application to the skin can reduce flare-ups of eczema. It can be effective in helping heal wounds. Likewise, some researchers have found that products containing rosemary, along with hops and oleanolic acid, can reduce arthritis pain.

Rosemary can be useful in combating hair loss, especially when the oil is mixed with thyme, lavender and cedarwood. Essence of rosemary clears the scalp and increases blood flow to the skin.

Rosemary is also useful in relieving indigestion, gout, headache, toothache and cough. Some evidence shows rosemary combats high blood pressure and liver and gallbladder problems. It can also increase cognitive function during aging.

Oil of rosemary can increase a woman's menstrual flow, and some women do this to try to induce abortion. However, there is insufficient evidence that this is effective.

Rosemary oil is common for aromatherapy. It can reduce stress and anxiety.

Both fresh and dried rosemary are common in meat dishes as well as for drinks and even sweet dishes. Cooks often use rosemary in combination with garlic and olive oil.