What Are Some Uses of Peppermint Extract?


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Peppermint extract is used in many recipes as flavoring and for medicinal purposes. It is typically used in baked goods, candies and desserts. There are also several drinks, including alcoholic beverages, that require peppermint extract.

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What Are Some Uses of Peppermint Extract?
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Peppermint extract comes from fresh or dried peppermint leaves. It can also be extracted from the flowering tops of peppermint plants with the use of alcohol. When used for medicinal purposes, peppermint extract can help with irritable bowel syndrome, digestion and heartburn. Used as a dietary supplement, peppermint extract can also help with vomiting, nausea, morning sickness and liver and gallbladder issues. Peppermint candies and foods can help relieve cramps, tension headaches and the common cold and flu.

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