What Are Some Uses for One Gallon of Water?


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The most common and beneficial use for one gallon of water is to drink it. The body needs water every day in order to prevent dehydration. Additional uses include cooking and plant irrigation.

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Especially during hot weather or during periods of high activity, a person needs water to keep the body functioning. Having one gallon of water on hand in case of emergencies ensures that a fresh supply of water is available should an unlikely interruption of water service arise. Because drinking water contains no calories, sweeteners or additives, it is a safe and healthy alternative to sodas and other sugary beverages.

Besides consuming water as a beverage, there are other common uses for one gallon of water. For example, it can be used to boil potatoes or cook spaghetti. One gallon of water also can be used to water indoor plants, bathe a small pet or extinguish a paper fire. Alternatively, one gallon of fresh water can fill a glass fish bowl to keep a family goldfish, or it can be frozen into ice cubes and put into a plastic bag for use as a cold medical compress. Moreover, one gallon of water mixed with detergent can be used to tackle small household cleaning projects or to wash the car.

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