What Are Some Uses for Huge Glass Jars?

Huge glass jars make useful sun tea containers, bulk food canisters and fermentation vessels. Martha Stewart and My Ugly Split-Level recommend tight-fitting lids for making sun tea and storing bulk foods. However, lids are not necessary for fermentation.

To make sun tea, place 1 ounce of tea in a 1-gallon glass jar and fill the jar with water. Add fresh mint or citrus slices for garnish. Tighten the lid, and place the jar in a sunny spot for four hours.

Repurpose 1-gallon or larger pickle jars into bulk food containers. Soak and wash jars to remove the labels and pickle smell. MyUglySplitLevel.blogspot.com advises spray painting the lid and attaching an inexpensive knob to make the jars more decorative. A 1-gallon jar holds over 6 pounds of all-purpose flour, 7 pounds of dried beans or 4 pounds of dried macaroni.

Large glass jars with wide openings are useful for fermenting foods such as sauerkraut. Three-gallon jars are large enough to ferment 12 heads of cabbage. To make sauerkraut, macerate finely shredded cabbage with sea salt. Fill the jar with the cabbage, and push it below liquid level. Add water if the maceration process did not create enough juice to cover the cabbage. Use a 1-gallon re-sealable plastic bag of water to weigh down the cabbage and create a seal. Sauerkraut is ready after three days, but it tastes better if left to ferment for a week.