What Are Some Uses for Avocado Oil?


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Avocado oil is used in cooking, as a cosmetic agent and even as a health aid to alleviate toothache, stimulate hair growth and expedite wound healing. As a medical aid, people apply avocado oil directly to the skin. The oil moistens and heals skin at the surface level and can also alleviate symptoms of arthritis and psoriasis, say experts at WebMD.

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In addition to promoting good health, avocado oil contains essential fats and vitamins D and E, which makes it ideal for creating healthy hair, skin and nails. Avocado oil is a popular cosmetic ingredient because it absorbs quickly into the skin. Before it is added to cosmetics, however, avocado oil undergoes a processing treatment. This treatment involves drying avocado flesh to remove excess water then using solvents and high heat to extract the oil. Avocado oil is then deodorized and added to cosmetic products for use.

In addition to cosmetics, avocado oil is used for cooking. As a cooking oil, it comes in a cold-pressed form, which involves minimal processing. In the culinary world, chefs compare avocado oil to olive oil. It has roughly the same monounsaturated fat makeup, which makes it suitable for frying, sauteing and cooking foods at high heat. According to authors at Shape, avocado oil has the highest smoking point of all oils, which is 520 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition to facilitating high-heat cooking, avocado oil has a smooth, buttery texture that makes it a popular oil for dressing salads, finishing soups and drizzling over fruit.

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