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Meetha Paan is made with Betel leaves, gulkand, mukhwaas, sweetened coconut flakes and cardamom. Lime can be included depending on preference It is garnished with glazed cherries and sealed together with a toothpick.

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Make Meetha Paan by first taking one Betel leaf that is washed and dried, cutting the back hard stock with a knife and spreading some lime on it. Roll the leaf into a cone shape, and stuff it with a mixture that is made with one teaspoon of gulkand, one teaspoon of mukhwaas, a half a teaspoon of sweetened coconut flakes and a pinch of cardamom. Close the leaf, top it with a glazed cherry, and seal it with a toothpick. Store it in the refrigerator for couple of days, or eat it immediately.

There are variations on the recipe. For example, Meetha Paan is sweet and contains coconut, gulkand, cherries and spices. Tambaku Paan is made with tobacco and spices. Paan Supari is made with ground areca nuts, and Trento Paan has a mint flavor and is often eaten after potato dishes. Other variations of ingredients include dry roasted fennel seeds, honey, cloves, dates or golden raisins.

Paan is made in Northern India, where is it used as an after-meal mouth refresher. The Paan leaf is considered to have positive health and digestion effects.

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