How Do You Use White Sage Leaves?


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White sage can be used for medicinal and ceremonial purposes. When used medicinally, white sage leaf can be brewed into a weak tea or infused in oils.

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White sage leaf is a traditional herb used for smudging rituals. The leaf is typically tied into a bundle and then lit and taken through each room in the home. As the smoke from the white sage leaf wafts through the air, a feather is used to move the smoke toward the corners of the room. Ashes from the sage are collected in a seashell.

White sage can be made into a weak tea for external use by steeping several leaves in a cup of hot water. Allow the tea to steep for up to 5 minutes, then strain it and apply it to unbroken skin after checking with a physician. White sage leaf has antifungal, antibacterial and deodorizing properties that allow the herb to be used as treatment for skin issues, such as athlete's foot. A cup of the tea can also be added directly to a warm bath.

White sage leaf can be used to make an oil infusion by steeping a cup of the leaves in 16 ounces of sweet almond oil or olive oil. Allow the leaves to remain in the oil for up to six weeks, then strain and use the mixture to make lip balms, lotions, deodorant or a base for massage oil.

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