How Do You Use a Shaved Ice Machine?

The manner in which shaved ice machines operate varies slightly across models. In general, begin by placing the ice block or ice cubes into the ice crusher cup. Next, place the motor unit on top of the ice and plug in the appliance. Press and hold the start button while gently applying pressure to the top of the motor unit, which begins to shave the ice block or ice cubes. To stop the machine, just release the start button.

Some standard instructions include washing the detachable parts with soap and warm water and cleaning any surface areas with a damp cloth before use. Be cautious of the sharp blades when cleaning and assembling the product. Check the directions that come with the product or the manufacturer's website to find assembly instructions for a particular model.

Tips for use include allowing the ice blocks or ice cubes to thaw for five to seven minutes before shaving to produce fluffier snow. Dismantle the appliance in the reverse order of the assembly procedure. Clean and dry the parts before storing them. Avoid using abrasive detergents or cloths. Clean the motor unit with a damp cloth, but do not soak or immerse the unit in water or another liquid.